Monday, 13 May 2013

Now what the hell Sanaullah did to become Hero?

Indian government went brazen and Indian media went shameless when they went heads over heels to prtray Sarabjit Singh, a State terrorist of the State of India, who killed 14 innocent Pakistani in first degree terrorism and was convicted by none less tan the Supreme Court for this heinous crime. The Indian government ended by giving a Stet funeral to this terrorist and he was criminated with a Guard of Honour as if he was a National Hero of India.
At that very stage, The Daily Mail argued that if once it is put aside that Sarabjit was a terrorist who killed 14 innocent Pakistanis or if he was simple citizen of India who innocently crossed over to Pakistan, what makes him a National Hero of India and what justifies a Stet funeral and Guard of Honour to his dead body? The Daily Mail also argued that what was Sarabjit Singh’s contribution to the Indian nation and Indian nation that could earn him a status of National Hero of India on the earth? But neither did the Indian government, not the India media and a rather ‘VIBRANT’ India media could give any answer to this query, raised by The Daily Mail.
In the process, a Pakistani prisoner, Sanaullah was attacked in a planned manner in a prison under Indian government’s control and was subsequently killed. Sanaullah, like many other Indian ad Pakistani prisoners in each there’s prisons, was going through the sentence for the crime of crossing over the border unintentionally. He was charged with the offenses of crossing over illegally and also for espionage which is a routine in such cases in India and Pakistan both.
Sanuallah’s dead body was handed over to Pakistan by the Indian authorities and in a shocking and rather embarrassing developement, the geniuses of the Caretaker government that is installed in the country at the moment till the polls, sent a special aircraft to fly back Sanaullah’s body and he was also buried with a similar State protocol and Honour that the Indian government gave to Sarabjit, conveying a massage across the world that the Pakistan government only believes in settling scores with India even if makes some sense or not at all.
The Daily Mail questions that who advised the caretaker government to go for a quid pro quo with the Indian counterparts in this case? The Daily Mail argues that by repeating what the Indian did for Sarabjit Singh. In Sanaullah case, hasn’t the caretaker government equated poor and innocent Sanaullah with a convicted and confessed State terrorist Sarabjit Singh? The Daily Mail also questions that if there was no justification for giving status of national heroe and giving of State Honour to the dead body of Sarabjit Singh with India, similarly what justification has the Pakistan government got while doing so in Sanaullah’s case? The Daily Mail argues that just like Sarabjit Singh, what was Sanaullah’s contribution to the nation and government of Pakistan that could earn him a State burial, despite the fact that he was an innocent Pakistani who was killed in an act of terrorism inside an India controlled prison.
The Daily Mail questions that if by getting killed in and Indian prison justifies the posthumous protocol and honour , given to Snaullah than many other Pakistanis have been killed brutally and suspiciously in many Indian prisons so why not same posthumous protocol arrangements for them too? These questions, we can only put before our caretaker government as unlike the Indian media in Sarabjit case, Pakistani media did not make any contribution to make Sanaullah a fake national hero.
The Daily Mail believes that Pakistan government should have shown a greater maturity and sensibility instead of following the ridiculous and outrageous immaturity and insensibility that the Indian government showed in Sarabjit Singh episode. The Pakistan government is expected to act with the traditional maturity and sensibility in such cases. We also expect that both the Indian and Pakistani governments would try to refrain from what they did in Sarabjit and Sanaullah episodes and would send messages of being good and matured neighbours across the world in future.

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